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Why Should You Explore LUDO ?

Additional Income

If you're interested in earning additional income, LUDO offers a variety of opportunities for you to do so. Whether you work part-time or full-time, we have a range of income options.

Career Opportunity

LUDO is dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals Consider take advantage of training and development programs to expand your knowledge and make yourself more marketable for future opportunities.

Restart Career

Restarting a career is a very big hassle for women but with LUDO it can be a great opportunity for your growth and development.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom in life means having the financial stability and resources to invest in luxuries. It's about having a healthy balance. 

Time Freedom

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Be Your Own Boss

Empower yourself and become your own boss with LUDO, join our community of aspiring individuals looking for extra income by smoothly selling the products. Start your entrepreneurial journey today.

Business Opportunity

Join our network and avail the opportunity to become an entrepreneur effortlessly. This can open new avenues of business for you. You do not need to depend on anyone else to do business.

Zero investment

You don't have to invest a single penny. Take advantage of our user-friendly interface to effortlessly sell products, opening up additional revenue streams. Start entrepreneurship without the burden of initial investment.

Knowledge Enhancement

Grow your knowledge and income simultaneously with LUDO. On this platform, you will not only earn money by selling products but your knowledge will also increase.

Learn & Earn

Our user-friendly interface not only facilitates seamless transactions but also provides valuable educational resources to enhance your skills.

Earning Potential

Who's It For ?



Under Graduates


Senior Citizen

Commission Agents

What to do ?

You Have To Sell

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any fee to enroll ?

No, there is no enrollment fee.

How much time does it take to start income ?

You will start earning once you complete the training and pass the assesments.

I am not from sales background, Am i still eligible ?

Yes, you are still eligible to enroll. As in LUDO we not only do sales, here you will get complete training and knowledge.

Will I be getting training ?

Yes, before working on sales, you will get complete training.

How will I be paid ?

You, will be paid upon sale in your bank account.

How much can I earn ?

There is no earning limit. It totally depends upon your earning ability and performance.

What kind of opportunities are available ?

We Have oppportuities, in B2b, B2C, Sales off, Sales in, Automobile, Tourism, Electronic, Software services, etc.


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Acceelerate Your Income as an INDIVIDUAL or a COMPANY

Enroll Now

Acceelerate Your Income as an INDIVIDUAL or a COMPANY