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Exponential Growth = Marketing x Cashflow & Capital

Sales Acceleration for companies by using this formula to get exponential growth

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Inconsistent Marketing

Leads to inconsistent sales

Marketing is like a chocolate cake, sales is like broccoli. You need both for a balanced diet, So does your business needs both for generating income.

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Sales is Science

Dive into Sales Success

Increase Your Topline By 5X at Zero Cost With Our Proven Sales Success Model

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Benefits To Companies

Zero Marketing Cost

We market your brand without charging anything upfront cost.

Zero Sales Cost

No need to spend on sales employee salaries as Ludo bears it for you.

Multiple Geographic Presence

Seamless expansion from one geography to another.

Reduced Credit Risk

Reduce credit risk by insulating your receivables from the debtors through financial institutions.

End - End Sales

Optimize your sales process from start to end with our integrated end-to-end solutions.

Credit Facility

Access flexible credit facilities according to your business needs based on receivables.

What We Offer

Streamline your inventory with our intuitive management system for free tracking of stocks and optimization.

Simplify dealer operations with our integrated management platform for streamlined communication and efficient workflows.

Optimize sales performance with our advanced tracking system for real-time insights and improved productivity.

Improvement customer relationships and boost sales capacity with our intuitive CRM platform.

Unlock actionable insights and drive strategic decisions with our powerful sales analytics’ platform.

Increase your sales reach and unlock new opportunities with our scalable network solutions.

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Peoples Words

Who we are ?

About Ludo

Ludo Ventures born in 2020, with a dream to create the world’s largest salesforce company, where Companies accelerate their sales through talented salesforces presenting their product and services for a commission.

Our Core

  • As your ace of spades

By empowering yourself with the sales strategies of Ludo Ventures, you establish a consistent output generation for your company.

  • Your presence, our arsenal

Use our strategies and leverage our expertise to make people aware of your presence.

  • Explore monetary flexibility

Reduced credit risk by insulating your receivables from the debtors through financial institutions.

Founders Desk

Mr. Anand Rai

CEO & Co-Founder

CEO & Co-founder of LUDO VENTURES with over 12 years of undefeated success in the Software, Insurance, Education, and Manpower industry in the field of Business Development.

Mrs. Shikha Jain

COO & Co-Founder

COO & Co-founder of LUDO VENTURES is a strong negotiator having 10+ years of experience of BFSI and Education sector, including entrepreneurial experience of managing, finance, HR & Operations.

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