Eashwa Case Study


e-ashwa Automotive is one of the leading Manufacturers of environment friendly battery operated vehicles. The company Specialized in the dealing of e-Rickshaws, e-Loader, e-Auto & e-Scooter. e-Ashwa Automotive has a strong team of technical & skilled work Force with hands on experience of both Automobiles as well as the Aviation Industry. The Company’s mission is to dealing e-Rickshaws, e-Loader, e-Auto & e-Scooter of the highest quality offering latest technology, committed customer service & satisfaction. So, that each and every product that rolls out from the plant offers utmost safety, comfort & utility to the driver, as well as the passengers which in turn gets converted into “Value for Money”.

Challenges they are facing in sales

Eashwa manufacturers faced many challenges when it comes to establishing and managing a network or dealers and distributors: Some of the key challenges include:

  • Limited Dealer Expertise: Many traditional automotive dealerships may lack expertise in selling and servicing electric vehicles. Training and educating dealerships on the unique features, benefits, and maintenance requirements of EVs are essential for successful representation.
  • Infrastructure Requirements: Electric vehicles require a different set of infrastructure compared to traditional vehicles, such as charging stations. Ensuring that dealerships have the necessary infrastructure to showcase and service electric vehicles can be a significant challenge.
  • High Initial Costs: Dealerships may face higher initial costs in terms of equipment, training, and facilities to support electric vehicles. This financial burden can be a barrier for some dealers to embrace EVs, especially if they are unsure about the market demand.
  • Consumer Awareness: Building awareness and understanding among consumers about the benefits of electric vehicles is crucial. Dealerships may need to invest in marketing and education campaigns to generate interest and demand for EVs.
  • Range Anxiety and Charging Concerns: Customers often express concerns about the range of electric vehicles and the availability of charging infrastructure. Dealerships need to be equipped to address these concerns and provide accurate information about charging options and capabilities.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The regulatory landscape for electric vehicles can be complex and varies across regions. Dealerships need to stay informed about and comply with regulations related to EV sales, service, and infrastructure.
  • Supply Chain Challenges: Ensuring a steady supply of electric vehicles can be challenging, especially if the manufacturing process faces disruptions or delays. Dealerships may struggle with managing inventory and meeting customer demand.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Electric vehicles have different maintenance requirements compared to traditional vehicles. Dealerships need to invest in training technicians to handle repairs and maintenance of EVs, which may require additional time and resources.
  • Incentive Programs: The success of electric vehicles often depends on government incentives and subsidies. Dealerships may face uncertainties related to these programs, impacting pricing and customer interest.
  • Competition with Traditional Vehicles: Dealerships may face resistance from consumers who are hesitant to shift from traditional internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles. Convincing customers of the long-term benefits and advantages of EVs can be a continuous challenge.

Collaboration Details

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry, E-ashwa faces unique challenges in establishing a robust dealer network and driving sales. Ludo Ventures, a leading sales acceleration company, stands as a strategic partner poised to assist E-ashwa in overcoming these hurdles and fostering sustainable growth.

  • Lead Generation Support: Ludo Ventures leverages advanced lead generation techniques to identify and nurture potential dealers and distributors for E-ashwa. Through targeted campaigns and market research, we ensure a pool of qualified leads ready to engage with the brand.
  • End to End Marketing Support: Our comprehensive marketing support covers the entire spectrum, from creating impactful promotional materials to executing result-oriented campaigns. We craft strategies that highlight E-ashwa’s unique value proposition, addressing consumer concerns and building awareness around the benefits of electric vehicles.
  • End to End Sales Support: Ludo Ventures offers end-to-end sales support, streamlining the sales process from initial engagement to deal closure. Our experienced sales professionals work closely with E-ashwa to enhance customer experience, addressing queries, and ensuring a seamless transition from interest to purchase.
  • Zero Upfront Sales Cost: Recognizing the financial constraints that dealerships may face, Ludo Ventures operates on a zero upfront sales cost model. This allows E-ashwa to collaborate without a significant initial financial burden, promoting wider participation among potential dealers.
  • Zero Upfront Marketing Cost: E-ashwa benefits from our cost-effective marketing solutions with zero upfront expenses. Ludo Ventures absorbs the initial marketing costs, enabling a focused and impactful campaign rollout without straining the budget.
  • Full Fledge Sales Manpower: Our dedicated sales teams are equipped with the expertise needed to represent E-ashwa effectively. From product knowledge to market insights, our sales manpower is committed to driving results and fostering lasting relationships with dealers.
  • Dealer Retention: Ludo Ventures understands the importance of retaining a strong dealer network. We implement strategies to enhance dealer satisfaction, addressing concerns promptly, and fostering a collaborative environment that encourages long-term partnerships.
  • Complete Business Plan: Crafting a comprehensive business plan is a cornerstone of our approach. Ludo Ventures works closely with E-ashwa to develop a strategic roadmap, aligning sales and marketing efforts with the overarching business objectives.
  • After Sales Services: Building on the sale is critical for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ludo Ventures supports E-ashwa in establishing robust after-sales services, ensuring a positive post-purchase experience that contributes to brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.